About us

About Us

Prohobitox enjoys its third year having being founded in summer 2017 by Bianca Braten and Chef Robert Harewood. After spending a long and successful careers in Norway, Holland, Italy and the UK the couple has decided to bring their dream to reality to Europes most up and coming cities Malaga!

At Prohobitox Chef Robert will work with the seasons to daily create a new kind of cooking concept ‘Asian Crossover´, which will be a celebration of his fondest international culinary memories spanning the last thirty years combined with his love of Asian flavours and textures, the freshest raw produce form Andalusia, Scandinavia and beyond.

Chef Robert`s cooking career has seen him working under some of the best chef`s in Europe including the Michel Roux Jr.(Le Gavroche), Giorgio Locatelli (Zafferano), Hroar Dege (Det Bla Kjokken), Phillip Britten (The Capital Hotel), Adam Newell (Claridges Hotel), Gordon Ramsey (Aubergine Restaurant) & Trond Anderssen (Restaurant La Canard), he has also gained a reputation in his own right for his work at Restaurant Madu (Design Hotel Grims Grenka) & Restaurant Fjord.

The design of Prohobitox has been executed by Malaga’s ie2 design company under the direction of co-owner Bianca Braten a fashion designer in her own right and who will be leading from the front, combining her unique service orientated style and grace to ensure all of Prohobitox`s guest have a memorial and happy experience.

Bianca will also combine her considerable past international hospitality experience’s to design an sophisticated, evolving wine and cocktail menu that will excite our guest’s whilst complementing Chef Robert’s culinary creations in a way that will only highlight your experience.